A Representative’s State of Mind

I’ve met many people in my life and, as your State Representative, I’ve met many more. We all meet, every day, with an opportunity to be generous to each other.

Everyone I meet is different, but everyone who meets me meets the same guy, the guy I’ve always been. My job as Representative is just another part of the job I inherited from my father. My job is to serve, first and foremost. My job is to keep my mind and eyes and ears open. If I can help anyone, I will. If I can’t, I’ll say so and hope to point out someone who can. That is cooperation and it can change the scope of a community.

A State Rep has a ‘We’ job. Anyone who wants to be a leader in our community needs a ‘We’ versus an ‘I’ perspective. That’s the game changer. So, right now, I’m not worrying about the campaign for re-election – I’m busy doing my job. I’m not thinking about beating my opponents – I’m busy working on solutions for our community.

Everyday I dig my trench and get to work. And I’m still excited about my job, everyday, because we’re getting the work done and we’re bringing support back to Lowell.


– Rady Mom

RadyMom for State Rep