Some of the highlights of Rady Mom’s first year on the job:

  • Hosted an event with DA Marian Ryan where Phil Weiner, one of the lead investigators of the Cambodian War Crimes Tribunals, briefed the community on the proceedings and opened lines of communication between US residents and the Tribunals.
  • Worked with the Lowell delegation to secure funding: 4.7 Million for the initial phase of the Hamil-ton Canal Project; approximately $200 Million for the Superior Court House; state funds needed to complete the revamp of Cupples Square.
  • Cosigned an amendment to the Budget protecting the Massachusetts Cultural Council and Youth Build, programs that directly support arts funding and youth development projects in Lowell.
  • Worked to protect funding for Police Training, early childhood education, and youth programs.
  • Fought to protect Shannon Grant funding, – a program that directly supports gang crime reduction and prevention programs in Lowell and other Gateway cities of Massachusetts.
  • Developed relationships with Taiwanese and Japanese consulate officials to build closer ties and create business opportunities between Massachusetts, Taiwan and Japan.
RadyMom for State Rep