Rady Mom on the Issues:

1. Education


As a State Representative, I will:

  • Get the resources teachers need in order for our students achieve their academic potential
  • Expand more early education programs to help our children get ahead on their education
  • Create “ College Readiness” programs for our high schools students and families to prepare them for college


2. Public safety


I believe in a proactive approach to public safety:

  • We need to create more jobs and mentorship opportunities to help young people succeed in life
  • I will take a leadership role in coordinating all of the relevant government agencies and other professionals to address the root causes of crime which in many cases lack opportunity


3. Economic Development


  • Lowell is already an attractive place. We need to make Lowell an even more attractive place for companies to open and to operate their business
  • As a State Representative, I will file legislation that creates incentives for the UMASS Lowell Business Incubator Program to stay in Lowell
  • Lowell economic future is tied to our city’s rich history, cultural diversity and skilled labor force. We need to take advantage of new industries in the area of technology, health care, biotechnology and energy